Modular fixating system for computed tomography and the CT-Multi-Tower

The standard program SWA39 with more than 200 products is the basis for the CT fixating system from dk. In industrial computed tomography, these modules also form the most advanced modular system for clamping devices for the secure holding of all types of parts.

If you want to scan as many test parts as possible in just one inspection programme, the CT-Multi-Tower is ideally.


 SWA39 CT – Modular fixating system



Advantages of the dk system

   » CT suitable workpiece holder
Modules developed especially, in terms of geometry and materials for industrial computed tomography: Completely or, especially in the transition from workpiece to holder, the fixation elements have a significantly lower degradation coefficient than the test specimen. The part to be examined is thus clearly distinguishable in the scan. In addition, the geometrically precisely defined clamping elements form the basis for their later exclusion from the overall result if this should become necessary for special parts and processes.

   » Professional module system
Modules which are precisely matched to each other are connected over standard interfaces. Instead of an unstable, short-life and non-adjustable combination of force and form clamping knocked together from soft foams, the dk system enables the professional construction of precise, safe and reusable fixtures.

   » Rapid, simple and secure structures 
The logical separation into adjustment elements, clamping function units and workpiece holders make the system easy to understand and practical for everyone. Each employee can effortlessly assemble a stable clamping fixture in a short time, securely clamp the test piece, align it into position and inclination and readjust it if necessary.

   » Repeat accuracy 
When several workpieces are to be scanned in series, the clamping position remains identical. This can only ease the testing task.

   » Reproducible construction  
Fixtures can be completely dismantled and the elements used for other devices. Once constructed, a clamping configuration can be reproduced at any time. Many adjustable elements have scales to aid this.

   » High service life
The basic, clamping and holding elements are wear-resistant. They can therefore be repeatedly used over many years and so, save costs and resources.

Application examples


You can find the brochure with all products for CT here



 SWA39 CT – Multi-Tower



In line with the rapid development of industrial computer tomography, after successfully positioning the SWA 39 CT module system for the quick and easy fixation of test specimens using X-ray transparent modules, the challenge now is to scan as many test specimens as possible in one go. Ideally, using the Z-axis potential, several batches of test specimens would be positioned over each other in order to scan them – e.g. overnight – using an inspection programme.
The second objective is to increase productive machine time by setting up outside the machine. There are then three possibilities for exchanging the fully equipped tower in the CT in a matter of seconds:

  1. Without interface, thanks to the solid base plate, the CT-Tower stands quickly and securely on the turntable.
  2. With an SWA39 interface, the CT-Tower can be changed quickly and fixated securely and precisely centred.
  3. With the self-centring taper attachment, the change is not only rapid, secure and centred, but can also be carried out automatically by a robot.

A fourth variant for the quick change of test part carriers is the exchange of individually equipped levels of the CT-Multi-Tower, which can be secured and released again very easily.

Perfect infinitely variable height adjustment with simultaneous maximum stability of the overall construction


Single components CT-Multi-Tower

The CT-Multi-Tower from dk is self-standing, with a high inherent stability due to the solid baseplate. It can be attached to the turntable by means of screws through slotted holes in the baseplate. Optionally, an SWA 39 quick-action clamp can be mounted for centred zero-point clamping. For robotic automation, we provide machine-specific self-centring tower attachments.

Further information

CT-Multi-Tower sets

Set consisting of 1 solid alu baseplate, 3 columns with male threads, 3 height adjustable shelves, 21 support/locking elements for height adjustment and clamping the shelves.
Available in different sizes.

Further information


Advantages of the CT-Multi-Tower


You can find the brochure about the CT-Multi-Tower here


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dk FIXIERSYSTEME is a specialist provider of modular clamping systems for measuring technology. The focus is on the professional fixturing of workpieces to inspection tables. Learn more.

dk FIXIERSYSTEME is a specialist provider of modular clamping systems for measuring technology. The focus is on the professional fixturing of workpieces to inspection tables. Learn more.

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