Clamping systems and Fixturing systems

Technical metrology refers to all methods and measuring devices that contribute to the determination of a physical variable. Fixturing systems are used in the context of technical metrology to optimally measure workpieces. A wide variety of components must be secured and brought into the correct position using the shortest possible set-up times for the actual measuring process. In doing so, it is important that fixtures and clamping systems cover as few features of the component to be measured as possible. Effective measurement of the workpieces is necessary to ensure precise production.
dk FIXIERSYSTEME offers you an extensive and high-quality range in the field of clamping technology. To ensure that we have the right measuring technology solution for you for all fixating and clamping tasks, we also develop customised products.

Clamping system for tactile measuring

Fixating elements suitable for tactile measurement include QUADERFIX, SPANNFIX ECO and SPANNFIX PRO as well as SWA39. Tactile measurement is understood to mean touching the surface of a workpiece with a probe. This measuring method is used wherever components have to be measured precisely, i.e. where only the tightest tolerances are permissible. Our SPANNFIX series is characterised by a modular system with exchangeable components, which enables the user to independently assemble individual fixtures. The QUADERFIX system can also be individually configured, with a baseplate forming the foundation. In this plate, the clamping elements can be combined with each other without restriction like building blocks, in order to model a suitable structure.

Clamping technology for optical measuring, computed tomography & contour and surface metrology

We offer you an extensive selection of modular clamping fixtures for all optical measuring techniques as well as for computed tomography and the requirements for contour and surface metrology. Optical measuring solutions are mainly used for measuring tasks where high data density, comprehensive 3D measuring, speed and the use of the measuring machines close to production are required. In addition to the rapid metrological evaluation of external contours, computed tomography enables the non-destructive analysis of internal geometries and defects. Surface and contour metrology ensures quality with regard to fine and coarse shape deviations of products and thus, ultimately, their functionality. The zero point clamping system SWA39 from dk is in each case the universal fixture and clamping system. It forms the basis for perfect positioning in many tactile and optical measuring processes. For computed tomography, SWA39 CT is so far the world’s only professional modular fixating system with quick-change interfaces and a large selection of basic, add-on and clamping elements with CT-compatible workpiece holders. The same applies to contour and surface metrology SWA39 SURF.

Our SCHIENENFIX clamping system is also suitable for optical measurements. This fixating system is used with measuring projectors and measuring microscopes and ensures highly precise edge measurements.

Other fixating systems from dk

With our MICROFIX solutions, we offer securing capabilities for very small parts with dimensions from 0.3 mm to 10 mm. There are three fixtures with which both rotationally symmetrical and cubic parts can be fixated.

Under the SPEZIALFIX group, we include all customer-specific fixtures that have been specially adapted to the product and/or the process. These can be completely independent basic concepts or standard products modified for special requirements. All types of multiple clamping fixtures or automated devices are also included.

The DIGITAL POSITIONING SYSTEMS were standardised as a series programme from these custom-made products. Motor-driven indexing heads and tailstocks, together with other parts of the dk product range, form a comprehensive and efficient modular system.

If you have any special requirements on top of our extensive range of clamping fixtures, we will be happy to work with you to find an optimum solution tailored to your products and processes.

Q-LINE is an additional system vice programme with system accessories for special requirements. Based on the same quick-change interface as our SWA39 programme, it can be interchangeably combined. The programme is developed and produced by our Swiss partner mp-tec.

Using clamping elements

Our products are extremely versatile, regardless whether they are used to measure workpieces for the manufacturing industry, the automotive industry, aerospace, electronics or medicine.

Products from dk FIXIERSYSTEME ensure that measurement checks are carried out precisely and inaccurate workpieces are detected. This helps to prevent defective product quality and damage.

Advantages of clamping fixtures from dk

In addition to a wide range of flexible clamping systems and high quality, dk’s fixating systems also offer many other advantages for manufacturing and metrology:

Order clamping elements online directly from the manufacturer

Our products are sustainable, very durable and manufactured to the highest quality standards. Do you have any questions regarding shipping, product details such as material and properties, costs or application of our fixating systems? We will be happy to advise you personally under +49 (0) 7121 90 97 10 or send us an email to:


dk FIXIERSYSTEME is a specialist provider of modular clamping systems for measuring technology. The focus is on the professional fixturing of workpieces to inspection tables. Learn more.

dk FIXIERSYSTEME is a specialist provider of modular clamping systems for measuring technology. The focus is on the professional fixturing of workpieces to inspection tables. Learn more.

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